Birdie's profile on Brotev

Brotev is a parody of Quotev. In the Friends universe, it happens to be a popular social media for writing stories and posting art. Unlike Quotev, drawings and pictures are submittable too and profiles are more personalized.

Layout Edit

As seen in the picture, the home page for logged in users has the username in the top left corner, with the profile picture and some important numbers below in. Right of the profile picture is the about section, with a customizable poll below it. To the very right is an add. The grey bar on the top right is navigation.

List of Users Edit

Canon Characters Edit

Gertrude "Birdie" Williams - usa-chan-humanized

Shiloh Dickens - killedthetooth-fairy

Mae Williams - draigg_helwyrr (Welsh site) (inactive)

Henry Schwartz - honhonbaugette

Real People (if Brotev were a thing, y'know?) Edit

Buono Tomato - crappily-drawn-person