Nerdy Birdie

Pixel Art (c) Buono TomatoBirdie going onto Brotev

Gertrude "Birdie" Williams is one of the main characters in Friends (Amongst Other Things). She first appears in the second chapter, Whales from Wales, in which she discovers an ad for Senpai Con on Brotev.

Chibi Birdie made with a chibi maker.

Appearance Edit

Birdie is very short, approximately 4'10" tall. She has light brown hair and bright blue eyes. Though she is Welsh, she bares little of the common Welsh characteristics in her appearance. Her light brown hair is often done into two short pigtails that reach her armpit. She has freckles, though they are not to noticable.

Like an average human being, Birdie wears a multitude of outfits. However, she does specifically enjoy girly attire, and can be seen in a pink and white dress.

Personality Edit

Just as she looks, Birdie appears a bubbly and kind person. She is very clueless, but not exactly innocent. She dislikes it when people only view her as cute, for she feels she has much more to herself. She attempts many hobbies, but doesn't usually succeed. The only knack she seems to have mastered is bottle opening, which doesn't come too useful. Despite that, she has a low self esteem and can get a little clingy to her friends. She doesn't like being deserted, due to the fact that her parents are always on some sort of business trip and her sister, Mae, has gone off to college in Wales. However, when you get to know her, she is a loyal and determined girl who devotes her efforts to her friends.

In her free time, she is shown on Brotev, making crappy and quick doodles, roleplaying, making personality quizzes, and reading fluffy fan fictions for her favorite pairings. She usually listens to the brighter vocaloid songs, like Viva Happy (c) and PoPiPo (c). She also finds one way or another to annoy her sister. Though most commonly, she tags along with whatever Shiloh is doing.

Birdie sketch

In an alternate color scheme, (c) Buono Tomato


A crappy doodle by Birdie of a flower