Ms. Dickens is a supporting character in Friends (Amongst Other Things). She is Shiloh Dickens' mother and is found in different scenes throughout the entire story.


Ms. Dickens is in her mid-forties, and has light crow's feet bordering her muddy brown eyes. She doesn't resemble her daughter, with her tidy dyed-blonde hair and the smile that always seems to be on her face. She does have pale skin, although that seems to be the result of years of sheltered life inside her mansion. She has perfect, whitened teeth, and it seems like she was once very beautiful, when she was younger.


Ms. Dickens wants people to like her, and created a barrier that hides all the ugly parts she doesn't want people to know about her. She's friendly and a bit superficial, and is an extreme social butterfly. She has good manners, practices them anytime she can, and sticks to "appropriate" conversation, which is really only weather and health.

She's conflicted, though- while she wants to be a good mother to Shiloh and Willy, she never has the time to keep up with their antics. She's indesicive and unreliable, and she's very insecure. Like Shiloh, she has a hot temper, but she usually manages to cool down before something breaks.


Shiloh Dickens (Main Article: Shiloh Dickens):Edit

Shiloh is Ms. Dickens' rebellious daughter, and the two seem to have a rocky relationship. While Ms. Dickens tries to make up for a childhood of being raised by butlers and maids, Shiloh pushes her away and doesn't want anything to do with her. She calls her mother vain and superficial, as well as more "choice" words that Ms. Dickens abhors. It's a pretty bumpy relationship, and although Ms. Dickens loves her daughter she isn't really sure Shiloh loves her back.