"As nice as it was to be called cute, Birdie felt that was all she was.'Birdie was always being called adorable. Though she thanked anyone for the compliment, she still felt there was more to her. Being cute was something she couldn't help. Being short, having freckles and sky blue eyes, wearing her hair in pigtails, and liking pink seemed to be genetic things. They weren't something she could help. One time, in the fifth grade, she tried going goth. It failed miserably. So it was that day, after the last day of sixth grade, where Birdie found herself flipping through Ouran High again on Netflix. She laughed her little laugh at the moment when Honey-Senpai had the little cake party with Usa-Chan because everyone else was busy." - Chapter 2, Friends

Whales from Wales is the second introductory chapter of Friends, as well as the first chapter in which Birdie appears. The chapter begins with a description of how Birdie doesn't like being called cute. It takes place the day after Birdie finishes 6th Grade, and the same time as Rude Awakenings. As the chapter progresses, a little more about Birdie's family is learned. Then, Birdie calls for her sister Mae, asking when she leaves for college. She replies with an unclear answer, stating that she is talking to her boyfriend Glyn. Then, a brief description of Birdie is given. After the description, Birdie is shown logging onto her Brotev account.

"Birdie got on her laptop and logged onto her Brotev account. She was about to scroll through activity, when she saw that Senpai Con was selling tickets half-off all through June. A large scream escaped her mouth."


Birdie's View of Brotev, and the ad for Senpai con

After Birdie sees the ad for Senpai Con and screams, her older sister yells back at her. Birdie replies to come immediately. The two have a small argument about the convention, and finally agree that Birdie can go if she purchases the tickets herself.

"Little did Gertrude "Birdie" Williams, Welsh weird hobby master and five-star lollita, know that this convention would change her entire life."