William "Willy" Dickens is a supporting character in Friends (Amongst Other Things). He's Shiloh Dickens' younger brother and is found throughout the story in numerous scenes.

Appearance Edit

Like his sister, Willy has bright gray eyes and dark hair, but his nose is a miniature version of hers, and his lips are generous and full. He's described to look like a cherub, with his rosy cheeks and pretty lips, even if he isn't chubby. He's considered to be quite good-looking and is a bit small for his age.

Paragraph Edit

Like so many other small children, Willy is curious and nosy, accident-prone and clumsy, sweet but aloof. He likes to tease his sister, and he cries when he's frustrated or mildly upset. He's the type of boy that can charm the lollipops off of anyone and gets his cheeks pinched by old ladies.

Overall, he's the complete opposite of Shiloh.

Relationships Edit

Shiloh (Main Article: Shiloh Dickens) Edit

Willy and Shiloh seem to have a good relationship. They tease each other constantly (Shiloh doing much of the teasing), but in truth Shiloh is actually pretty protective of her brother, even if she doesn't show it often, and loves him very much, as does he.

Ms. Dickens (Main Article: Ms. Dickens) Edit

Willy is very close to his mother, and she spoils him rotten constantly. They seem to have a very good mother-son relationship with each other.